Professional course in Grooming The Professional course in Grooming is a package that covers all skills required to create a multi-skilled professional both in the aspects of Skin & Beauty and Hair. This is definitely a career course which provides an option to the aspiring individual and the salon interested in recruiting him. A professional grooming course includes personality development, presentation skills, selling skills, dressing skills and other etiquette. In short, the course helps you reinvent yourself and be more confident. Additionally, the professional diploma in grooming can be taken to transfer the skills and knowledge related to grooming. Thus, it can lead to working as an independent image consultant that most of the professionals seek for consultancy. Get Trained in... As a part of the professional diploma in grooming, you will get complete guidance and training in:
Basic & Advanced certificate course in Skin & Beauty
Basic & Advanced certificate in Hair
Professional Diploma in Grooming
Basic & Advanced certificate course in Skin & Beauty
  • Skin anatomy
  • Basic & Advance Waxing
  • Threading
  • Spa Pedicure & Manicure
  • Basic facial & Advance treatments
  • Home Remedies Personal Effectiveness
  • Safety and Health Measures
  • Skin Care Product Knowledge
  • Treatments for problematic skin (Acne, Pimple)
Basic & Advanced certificate in Hair
  • Hair anatomy
  • Analysis
  • Basic and Advance Hair settings
  • Basic Coloring & Color Theory
  • Global & Highlighting Techniques
  • Henna application
  • Home remedies
  • Hair dressing and do's
  • Head Massage
  • Advance Haircuts
  • Hair Spa & Scalp Treatments
  • Perming
  • Rebonding & Ironing
Career Opportunities
  • Beauty therapist
  • Senior stylist
  • Saloon manager
  • Skin trainer
  • Hair trainer
  • Technical trainer in cosmetic industry
  • Product sale
  • Consultant in salon
  • Entrepreneur
How long will it take? Course lasts for 1320 hours For any query regarding the course details, place your query below.
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